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Earth Science Mission Operations Program (GSFC)

JBS supports real-time operations of the Terra, Aqua, and Aura spacecraft from both ground and space networks to meet mission objectives. Our real-time operations are necessary to support direct communication with the spacecraft and include: Telemetry, Tracking and Command Activities, Health and Safety Monitoring, Anomaly Identification and Resolution, Orbital Maintenance Maneuvers, System Configuration, Housekeeping Telemetry Processing, Command Load Uplink and Verification, Onboard Controller Table and Memory Load/Dump Operations, and management of the recording device to capture and downlink all science and spacecraft engineering data. Our tri-mission certified personnel are skilled at identifying anomalies as they occur, and then provide the necessary expertise to reduce satellite failure, down-link interruptions, and data recovery time.

Payload Operations & Integration Function for the ISS (MSFC)

JBS supports mission planning and data management functions that include performing analyses to ensure the operational products and controls provide adequate support for the real-time configuration and monitoring of the International Space Station (ISS) components. We provide certified flight controllers who manage the resources required to effectively operate ISS payloads and science experiments, ensuring that equipment, consumables, and personnel are available for successful operations. Our solutions span Flight Operations, Mission Planning and Integration, Data Management, Payload Crew Procedures and Training, Payload Stowage and Integration, Payload Execution Management, Cadre Training, Anomaly Identification and Resolution, Flight Rules and Payload Regulations, and Schedule Management.

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