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Logistics & Transportation Planning

Logistics and Transportation Planning for Flight Hardware 

JBS provides logistics and transportation planning support for the Launch Vehicle Stage Adapter (LVSA) as part of the NASA Space Launch System Program configuration for Marshall Space Flight Center. Our customer needs a comprehensive end-to-end plan for the Transportation and Logistics of the LVSA components, Structural Test Article, and Flight Units of the LVSA assembly and we’re providing the solution. We develop Transportation and Logistics Plans that include support equipment needs, transportation requirements, and procedures/processes to be applied during the move of the hardware. We identify maintenance significant items, including spares, storage requirements, and associated logistics and maintenance resources required to maintain the flight and ground hardware in serviceable and flight ready condition. Our senior level Logistics Engineer works the complex procedures and regulations to solve problems to ensure there is a comprehensive Transportation Plan every time the LVSA moves, resulting in risk reduction to hardware damage and personnel injury.

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