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Future Gazing.

We are an engineering services firm with employees across the USA supporting NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense. We excel in delivering the highest quality in mission critical services by offering innovative solutions in mission operations, engineering services, logistics and transportation planning. We specialize in spaceflight planning, systems engineering and integration, and mechanical design and analysis engineering.

Past Honoring.

Our company has a history of providing our customers superior service with unfailing integrity. Our stellar reputation precedes us, and we don’t take it lightly. In fact, we aim to earn our good name with every decision, every hire, every interaction, every day.


JBS optimizes engineering design and development for our customers. We achieve successful solutions to hardware and manufacturing challenges across a broad spectrum of engineering and science disciplines.

Mission Operations


Our mastery in mission ops ensures that equipment, consumables and personnel are at-the-ready for successful manned and unmanned satellite operations. We are skilled at identifying anomalies in real time, and our agile team members deliver the necessary expertise to reduce satellite failure, down-link interruptions and data recovery time.

Logistics & Transportation Planning

Our logistics engineers navigate the maze of procedures and regulations to solve complex problems. We ensure there is a comprehensive transportation plan for oversized hardware moves. The result:  seamless maneuvers, significant risk reduction to hardware damage and the prevention of personnel injury.


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Incorporation: Huntsville, Alabama

Three veteran subject matter experts filled the void for a nimble aerospace and defense contractor who could deliver creative responses to obstacles in emerging technologies,  Enter JBS Solutions, Inc.



First Contract:

Began supporting NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on systems engineering for the design and development of a system architecture for a sounding rocket.

Sherrie Nash burst out of retirement to tackle JBS' support of a NASA MSFC supply chain management contract for the Space Launch System (SLS).


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Our Quals

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